16 April 2013

Argo...movie review

Argo: My Movie Review

Synopsis from Fandango...click here.

Well, having a newborn has lots of benefits...one of which happens to be breast feeding...and if you are going to breast feed for the next 20-30 minutes...one needs a good movie/show to watch.

John rented this from Redbox recently and we decided to have a date night after the big kids were asleep.  Micah joined us on our date, but he's allowed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the second and third time I watched it...the first time, on our date...I fell asleep...sorry babe...it's not you, it wasn't the movie, just pure exhaustion.

This movie is based on the true story of when 6 Americans were in hiding by the Candadian Ambassador from the Iranian government and anyone who was found hiding Americans was killed at that time of civil unrest during the Iranian Revolution.  It is a nail biter.  Lots of great acting and suspense.

Ben Affleck plays the role of CIA agent Tony Mendez.  Tony Mendez creates this fake Hollywood film production in hopes to rescue the 6 Americans over in Tehran.  Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and Bryan Cranston co star in this movie and not only do they bring some comedy relief to a very stressful and suspenseful movie/time...they also have the most difficult task of saving these 6 Americans lives.

I could not stop watching this movie...and it's during the 70's so the hair and clothes intrigued me as well.  To have this declassified story to watch on film was awesome.  Ben Affleck did an amazing job with this movie! Loved it!!!

It reminds you that sin/evil is in this world...and that there is this constant need for a hero...a savior if you will.  We constantly need someone to rescue us from the evil that is all around us.  As a christian it reminds me that I am so blessed to have a Savior who rescued me once and for all on the cross.  He is my forever hero.  He has saved me from a life full of doom and gloom to a life of everlasting hope...hope that there is goodness in the world, hope that there is a Savior who is greater than all the Evil, and hope that He is coming back because He loves me.

Yes, I see everything through my God-lens, I know, but how can you not?  God created this world and for me He is my world.



  1. I haven't gotten a chance to watch Argo, yet. But it sounds like great. Got to watch this when I'm free :)



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