29 April 2013

The Mama Bear came out...at Barnes and Noble

A few Sundays ago I was at a Bridal Shower and my husband took the big kids to Barnes and Noble and out to lunch in my absence.  Little did he know that the outing he was about to take would open up a huge can of worms for us as parents.

You all know by now how inquisitive my daughter Julia, who is 5 years old has been.  She is very bright and very curious and has always needed a long-winded answer for every serious question.

Apparently when she walked into Barnes and Noble with her Dad and brother she saw a Danielle Steele (romance novel I presume) novel at the entrance of the store.  This novel had two practically naked people on it kissing and embracing.  Julia immediately began asking her Daddy questions about the book.  From my understanding...this is how the conversation went...

Julia: Daddy, why is that naked man kissing that naked woman?  Why is he on top of her?

John: Julia, that is private between a married man and woman.

Julia: Daddy, if it is privacy, then why is it on the cover of a BOOK!  (seriously, this is a great question!)

John: Julia, you should not be looking at that book anymore. (oh be careful little eyes what you see...)

Julia: Daddy, when you and mommy are in your room in privacy, do you do that? (cringe)

John: Yes, Julia, but that is private between a husband and a wife.  I can see you are very curious about this Julia because you keep looking at the book!

Okay, so at this point they were done getting the gift card John needed and left the store.  Julia got in trouble leaving the store because on the way out she continued to look at the book at the front of the store.  And this is why I am angry at the store.  Why do they have to showcase suggestive romance novels at the FRONT of the store where little people walk?  Isn't there a romance novel section in the store somewhere away from the children's department?  Why do we have to advertise that particular book so my 5 year old can now ask me questions that are way too adult like for her mind?  I'm not trying to shelter my daughter from everything, but seriously, can't we protect them for a little bit without bombarding them with this material?  The mama bear in me really would like to shake the person who put those books near the front of the store, along with the sports illustrated magazine so my son can look at those...I mean really people?!?!

I have no problem being a parent who answers the hard questions.  I will always do my best to be honest and seek advice when need be, but I constantly feel like I have to address topics at such tender ages.  Like for example during Halloween time when we walk into CVS and we see skeletons and blood and knives and guts all over as "holiday decorations"...really? is it necessary? I mean wouldn't a nice round pumpkin suffice?

So, dear Barnes and Noble staff I guess I have to censor and limit my visits to your store now since I have a very curious 5 year old who has seen a little too much too soon.



  1. The front of the store is for the newest best sellers. That's why they're there. ;) I hear you..it isn't easy, is it?

  2. I am really excited to have discovered your blog through "Mingle With Us! Blog Hop". I love all of your blog posts and your thoughts on life. I completely agree with this post. I have an 8 and 6 year old daughter that I feel like I have to constantly shelter from things that I just don't think that they have to see at a such a young, tender age.


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