12 April 2013

My Angelically Good Baby

Micah Justice, also known around here as angel baby or MJ, has been absolutely wonderful.

He nurses, poops, and sleeps...in that order.  He's not much of a fussy baby, he loves to be held and snuggled, he goes to everyone, and he acutally lets mommy sleep at night.

The only heart attack he has given me so far is last week his belly button thingy came off early and there was some bleeding, but we took him to the pediatrician and it was no big deal.  But  that has been it.  He has the softest skin and sweetest blue eyes.  He is so strong already.  He even tries to hold up his head and stand up in my lap!

He is napping right now which means I have free hands to blog which is a rarity these days...

I have some awesome posts coming up entitled:

Argo the Movie
The Paleo Challenge
The Big Kids
Life with a Newborn



  1. Your baby is the cutest! And it's great that you get to sleep :) Thanks for hosting ^^!Dropping by from Mingle With Us Blog Hop.

    New follower with GFC

  2. He is an angel! This photo is amazing and I love how the scarf hides his business. :-)

    I'm glad he's been an easy baby!

    I'm visiting from the Blues Skies Ahead blog hop. :-)


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