02 April 2013

The Adventures of Julia and Marky

Julia and Mark have been on Spring Break this week which has worked out so well being that I actually had the baby on Monday!

Each day this week has been an adventure not only because Micah our newborn was born, but because the two big kids have been spoiled by someone every day this week and taken on an adventure.

First I wanted to comment on their shirts.  This is what they wore to the hospital on Monday evening to meet their baby brother.  Aren't they delicious?

They wore their shirts proudly, let me tell you!

Okay here is their adventure:

Day 1 Monday: Woke up to Grandpa Jack and Grandma Judy taking care of them.  Julia set the table for breakfast while Marky climbed into bed with Grandpa Jack.  They ate, got dressed and played and waited for Grandma Donna to come over.  Then they did some painting, ate lunch and waited to hear all about Micah being born.  Daddy came home from the hospital (after not sleeping all night and helping me labor all day poor guy) and picked up the kids so they could come back to the hospital and meet Micah.

Day 2 Tuesday: Daddy took care of the kids on Tuesday morning and brought them to the hospital in the afternoon so they could see me and see the baby again.  Then Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jack brought them back home for a nap.  Lisa Coyle and her kids picked the kids up after nap and brought them to her house to play.  Oh, my word!  They had a blast!  Her big kids played with Julia and Mark, and let them jump on the beds, play with all the fun toys in the basement.  Lisa fed them, gave them treats, Lisa dropped off flowers and food at my house, and got Micah a gift.  When we left the hospital and came to pick up the kids both of them informed me they wanted to be a Coyle!

Day 3 Wednesday: This was Daddy day!  First we all brought Micah to see our pediatrician, Dr. Shih.  Micah now weighs 8.6lbs.  I had to fill out lots of paperwork.  John took the kids out shopping to a few stores and they got ice cream.  John wanted to get new furniture for the boys room so he took the kids to Ikea to walk around and pick things out.  They were so good they stopped at Wendy's for chocolate frosties!

Day 4 Thursday: The kids went to Aunt Laurie's taekwondo school today since they had spring break camp.  She picked them up around 10:30 am and brought them back around 2:30 and they were so tired from all the exercises and games.  They learned how to play dodge ball, and some cool moves from the big kids.  There was lots of fun going on there.  Thank you Aunt Laurie for taking the kids and wearing them out!  They slept great at nap time!

Day 5 Friday: We had our family newborn photo shoot today and then my mom took the kids to the park for a picnic and play time for 3 hours.  They came back so happy and tired.  She always knows how to wear them out too!  I love it.


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