30 April 2013

Taking Advantage of Mommy

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Having two kids was truly a brilliant easy idea!  One for each hand...a girl and a boy, pink and blue, all the rainbows and unicorns came floating in and ...it just doesn't get any more perfect than that, right?

Well, life isn't perfect, and neither are my kids...and now there are three.  And I don't have enough hands or enough energy to chase everyone and do everything the way I used to.

The big kids know this and they have been taking advantage of it.  I love them to pieces, but mama didn't raise no fools.  They know that when mommy is nursing the baby, they can jump on the couch, or climb on the counter, and really, what can I do about it at that moment?

The other night, it was a God-thing that I went into Mark's room when I did because Mark and Julia were climbing on the new dressers we bought for the boys.  I have no idea why, but when I opened that door and they saw my face, and saw me standing there they FROZE!  "How did she know we were being naughty?" They must've thought.  How did I know?

It's been like that a LOT over here lately.  I don't have time to write my long list of to-do items, I just do what I can...which is getting better, but still seems daunting at times.  I can't blog the way I used to, I don't have enough brain cells, or coffee, or time, or enough hands.  I have laundry all the time...the laundry has tripled over here, with a newborn I guess that is to be expected.  And my brain still feels fuzzy most mornings and evenings.

I am still waiting to get 4-5 solid hours of sleep in a row...but that hasn't happened yet either.

Three children is quite a challenge, it's true...but even though my hands and plate are full, my heart is bursting because I AM happy...I'm starting to not care about the ever growing to-do lists, the laundry, and the lack of brain cells and sleep...I'm trying to just wrap my brain around the blessings I have.



  1. Life can get so busy. I love how you said your heart is full and you are happy. It is so wonderful when we can recognize the blessings in our life amongst our challenges.

  2. You're doing great!! You always have...hang in there:-) luv u!!


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