01 May 2013

Push Present

Have you ever heard of a new mom getting a push present in the hospital?  It's a term I never heard of either until recently.  It's when the husband brings his wife a gift after having a baby..."push present" meaning a present for all the labor pushing she had to endure!

John bought me diamond earrings after I had Julia.  I remember him giving them to me the day we had her after we were moved to the maternity ward. I had lost one of my diamond earrings that year and so it was a perfect gift because I got a new pair!

Since we had Mark so soon after Julia I don't think I got a push present so to speak, but I did get an early birthday present of Mark Ciro since he was born only 4 days before my birthday!  Marky was due on June 13th so having him 2 1/2 weeks early in the month of May was awesome!  I was home from the hospital just in time for cake and gifts!

This time around when we had Micah, I kept teasing John about what my push present would be...seriously not thinking I would get one, and certainly not needing one.  The day after I had Micah John leaned over the hospital bed while I was holding the baby and said, "You want your push present now?"  Hahahaha I thought.  But he was serious.  "You know how you are always saying you want me to plan ahead our vacation for the summer?"  Yes.....I thought..... "Well I did that...and booked a week's vacation in the Adirondacks of New York, at Camp of the Woods with the Hech's, Lambertsons, and Wurth's!"

I was so happy!  He booked the vacation the week of our 10th anniversary too!  It is an awesome family vacation and our cabins are right by a lake!  There are christian speakers and chapel everyday, crafts and fun programs for the kids, and Alice and I will have Audrey and Micah to play with! (They are 4 mos. apart).  The Lamberstons and Hechs have been inviting us for years to vacation with them, they keep telling us how much fun the kids will have, and now we are finally going for a whole week! I can't wait.  And the planner in me loves the fact that he planned and paid for this ahead of time!  It is a great gift.  I'm trying to think of fun ways we can renew our vows...maybe at sunset by the lake!  I can picture it now...the Lambertsons singing...Julia and Mark and Micah dressed up, and me with a bouquet of flowers walking in the tall grass toward my love...ok I'm a romantic...but one can dream.


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