13 May 2013

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day weekend was AWESOME.

Saturday John took both big kids to Chinese School so I had Micah all to myself and was able to clean the house in complete silence...except when bubbs got hungry or talkative.

Then when I got home John kept the big kids busy with making Mother's Day cards and then took all 3 kids out to buy flowers for all the Moms (I was amazed that he took all three and Micah slept the whole time for him).

I was able to get some Mother's Day pampering at the salon, and also joined the gym nearby which took a 30 hour to sign the papers, take my photo, and show me around the place.

Then we went out to a Greek restaurant for dinner, and again Micah slept the whole time, and the big kids got a compliment from the people sitting next to us about their excellent behavior!

At the Greek restaurant both kids gave me a little extra love on the cheek!

On Sunday we went to breakfast at Turning Point which has the best breakfasty brunch food EVER and the best coffee...I think I had a total of 3 cups of coffee on Mother's day!  During breakfast...Micah slept the whole hour and a half!

We then went to church and our Pastor is going through a series called the Home Team...all about the family.  I'm really loving it.  Micah slept through the sermon so I could hear most of it!!!

After church we headed straight to north jersey to be with Grandma Sue and all the McInerneys since Gram has been sick in the hospital lately.

Grandma Sue had 5 kids (she's my hero) Two daughters, Aunt Patti, Aunt Kat, and three sons, Jack, Michael and Dennis.  Aunt Patti and Aunt Kat live in Florida we saw them this November when we visited.  And all the sons and the wives live in Jersey.

John's dad...Jack is the oldest son.  Grandma sue was in love with micah she called him her little butterball!

Cousin Michele was in love too!  Micah was so good with Michele and Aunt Rose.  Aunt Rose put him right to sleep.

Julia and Mark had a blast with all the cousins and the aunts and uncles, and of course grandma sue took her teeth out for entertainment.  The kids love when she does that.  They still don't understand why everyone can't just take their teeth out!

Ultimately the thanks goes to John, as always, he was the one who made the weekend so special.  Even if sometimes I didn't appreciate it, he was really trying his best to make the whole weekend a treat for me and honestly just being with my little people and John is all I wanted.

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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