15 May 2013

What Floats Micah's Boat

Micah loves baths.  He can sit in the warm water for hours.  He loves when I pour the water over his belly.  He doesn't say a peep.  He just takes it all in and moves around in his little tub Aunt Christy bought him.  He loves his little ducky towel cover too, which keeps him warm.

Micah loves story time. It's usually after a feeding and he drifts off to sleep as I read a short story to him.  I love cuddling him close and feeling his body get heavier as he falls asleep.  I think my voice and the words soothe him.

Micah loves hearing Julia and Marky's voices.  He smiles right away as if he knows they are being sweet to him and enjoying his very presence.  I can't walk into a room without being followed now because everyone has to talk to him and kiss him and see how his milk was, his nap was, etc.

Micah is a laid back little fella.  And we are loving him!!!

P.S. Micah is almost 8 weeks old and is already wearing a size 6 months!  I think he is 14-15lbs...I can't wait for his 2 months visit which is coming up to see what his current stats are!

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