30 May 2013

The Boys Are Growing Fast

Mark and Micah had their well visits back to back this week.

On Tuesday, Mark went to his Big Boy 4 year old visit!

On Wednesday, Micah, my chunker, went to his 2 mos. old well visit (and got vaccines...boo!)

We found out that Mark can totally pee in a cup!  In fact he asked if he could ALWAYS pee in a cup from now on..."NO!" was mommy's quick reply.  "Oh man." said Mark dejectedly.

We found out that Micah is 15.15lbs already (basically he's 16lbs which is 97%!)  He was born at 9.2 and its hard to believe he gained about 3 pounds a month!  Yay, for breast milk! (I promise that's all I feed him!)

Mark is now 34lbs...he gained 5lbs in a year and is still my pip-squeak at 25%...but Dr. Shih said that's totally normally and totally fine.

My favorite part of Mark's visit was when he took his eye test...he sounded so grown up and so smart!  I loved hearing him read off the objects so quickly.  I kept thinking, "That's my boy!"

My favorite part of Micah's visit was hearing Dr. Shih (the best doctor around...he's a daddy with 3 sons) talk to him the entire visit and seeing Micah smile and coo as if Dr. Shih was his buddy.

The visit went so well.  He checked his legs, his belly, his back, his head.  He picked up by his hands to see if he can sit up (we practiced that one a lot lately)...the normal newborn check up.  "Kristi, he looks PERFECT!  He is so GREAT!"  (of course he is perfect...do you see that smile, those dimples, those cheeks).

AND THEN we had to take the walk down the hall......

Into the SHOT room......

This nurse who looked about 17 was going to stick my baby's legs with this long long long sharp sharp sharp needle.

It was just wrong.

She told me to put him down.  I hugged him one last time.  I rocked him ever so gently.  Little did he know what was about to happen to him.

She rubbed each thigh with some rubbing alcohol...and he was looking up at her with a smile, like, "Hey mom, who's this chick?"

Smile, smile, smile...WAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...and his look said it all..."Mommy HOW COULD you DO THAT to me!"  "I didn't do it buddy...the mean, old, ugly (ok that's harsh she was pretty) nurse did it my sweet baby."

And I picked him up and cradled him and all was well.  No big deal...but really it was.

Welcome Micah...to the world of needles!  Sorry buddy, mommy will always be there to at least hold your hand.

My boys are growing up fast...too fast!



  1. I think that you should ask Dr. Shih to give Mommy a shot each time too so you can show the kiddies that it's ok! :D

  2. It was terrible for me too :( I couldn't believe my ears when the doc told me 4 shots at his 2-mo visit. FOUR!! Another set of four coming up next week for her 4-mo visit. Booo!!


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