20 August 2009

Good Sleepers

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me children who sleep so well at night. It may seem as though I take it for granted but please know that those solid 7-8 hours of sleep that Mark has been giving me has really helped me get through the busy days chasing after my active Julia!

09 August 2009

6th Anniversary-August 8, 2009

Yesterday was an absolutely great day! John and I woke up with excitement as we dressed the kids and packed the beach bags. The temperature outside was cool and crisp with sunshine splashing everywhere. I think Julia and Mark could sense our enthusiasm and they were really well behaved and allowed us to get everything in the car without any crying or fussing, which was surprising because we didn't even have breakfast, we wanted to save our appetites for Le Peep, our favorite breakfast restaurant. Julia sat on the couch and happily ate some puffs as she watched mommy and daddy get the car ready, feed/dress Mark and make sure our puppy Paris got food and a trip outside.

We drove to Le Peep and gave the kids the rundown of what kind of behavior we expected at the restaurant (we believe its never to early to start good habits :)) Say please and thank you to the waitress. Stay in your high chair. Smile and wave hello to other customers. No throwing any unwanted food, etc.

Julia was allowed to drink mommy's orange juice from the straw, that was a huge hit. John got the French toast combo and I got the belgium waffle combo, it was our first "free" meal off our diet plan (p90X).

Then we headed to the beach. The boardwalk was packed with strollers, walkers, runners, and other beach goers. I love looking out on the sand and seeing all different colored umbrellas and towels and families of all different races and ages enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean breeze. I held Mark while daddy took Julia to the water. I love watching them play together. Julia wanted to jump in the water, I could tell.

After awhile on the beach we hit the boardwalk for some exercise and then headed home for lunch! It was a great family day. I was so thankful John took off work to be with us.
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