29 April 2011

My fashionista, and My little boy

school time
Psalm 71: 8 My mouth shall be filled with Your praise and with Your honor all the day!

 We had an amazing week!  We were able to finish school quickly each day and then have a fun outing or be with family and friends.  It was a gorgeous weather week too!

Julia also had a great time learning Chinese with dad this week.  Our new  routine is when he gets home the spend about 20-25 minutes using the Home School Rosetta Stone program for kids.  She loves the quality time with Daddy, and she gets to use the computer, flash cards, and head phones, which is super cool to a three year old!  When she turns four (Lord willing) we are going to enroll her in a Saturday morning program in Edison where they teach Mandarin to students.  John is quite the linguist and took Mandarin in college for a few semesters, which came in very handy when we did missions work for a month in China!

On Tuesday, Aunt Laurie came over to watch the kids while I ran errands and went food shopping!  Mark DID NOT want her to leave!  And Julia was excited to dress up for Aunt Laurie in her princess dress.

This week we learned all about bumble bees and honey bees!  We colored pictures, we learned some fun facts, and with each backyard trip or park trip we even got to see some bees!  And of course we read books about bees and how they live.  We learned that bees can't fly in the rain and that girl bees work outside gathering pollen while boy bees work inside the hive!

On Wednesday, the kids played with Grandma Donna and Aunt Sara while me and my dad visited my Grandpa in the nursing home.  Again, Mark DID NOT want to leave Aunt Sara, we had to distract him to even put him in his car seat.  I'm really happy he is starting to connect to our family more and want to spend more time with them.

We went to Cheesequake park on Wednesday and the kids got to play on the playground.  Mark is such a big boy and so brave now!  And Julia wants to always try her gymnastic stunts on the equipment! 

Thursday was library time!  Take a look at my fashionista!  I put pants and a shirt on her and somehow before we leave a skirt gets pulled over.  She loves skirts!  The kids love bubble time at the library!  And Julia made friends with this cutie pie behind her, Hannah.  She wanted her to sit in her lap and she kept holding her hand during story time.  Such a big sister, she is!

Mark enjoys walking all around smiling at people in the library!  Now he sings all the songs, and does the finger plays, and acts them out, too!  He is becoming quite the chatter box!  Every day he learns something new!

I just had to add this photo in because these kids are too cute!  Mark is actually sitting on his blue potty while Julia is obviously on the toilet.  These two usually do everything together.  Mark is showing a lot of interest in the potty so we are keeping his potty out, and will try some potty training this summer for sure!  Julia, however, used to love Mark coming in the bathroom with her, but yesterday schooled him on how she needs her PRIVACY!!! It was so funny!


  1. What an incredibly fun week!!! :) xoxo C

  2. What a great week! And your children are just so cute!


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