05 April 2011

Spring Cleaning Has Begun...The List

This week's blogs will be on the short side!  We have SO much to do and very little time.  Amongst all our normal school time activities, Bible study, library time, play dates, gymnastics, and trips to the park, we have Spring Cleaning to do this week. 

This weekend was awesome because John helped so much by jump starting our Spring Cleaning time by working on our two car garage.  OH MY WORD.  You know that room that has everything in it but nothing has a home?  The "catch all" if you will room?  It was driving me absolutely nuts.  I couldn't even walk in there to get the dog food without tripping!  But John worked on it for over 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday, and after cleaning, organizing, and two trips to the dumpster at the Taekwondo School the garage looks AMAZING!  John used the old cubbies from the taekwondo school as a back drop for the garage and so now everyhthing is off the floor and in a cubby.  Everything has a home.  He vacuumed, swept, and got rid of a lot of junk.  As he was doing this, the kids were helping me in the front yard with raking up all the acorns and dead grass and leaves.  They rode their bikes in the driveway and on the side walk, then they did some "planting" (playing in dirt, really) and blowing bubbles in the back yard while we cleaned up the Paris poop.

My in laws are amazing, because they took Paris from Thursday til Monday!  This way we didn't have to work around the dog, too!  And they played with her so much!  She loves staying at their house.

So now that the garage, back yard, and front yard are ready for Spring (except mulching and we still have to purchase some pretty flowers to display) we need to work on the other rooms inside the house.  I've been working on the bedrooms on Fridays, but here is my To Do List this week...and this will be done during nap-time which means no nap or book reading time for me...I will miss this very much.

Monday: Empty Refridgerator, Windex each shelf and drawer.  Throw out and clean out outdated items.  Organize and turn everything so the label faces front (it just looks so lovely this way!

Tuesday: Organize and Clean Pantry and Kitchen Cabinets.  Recycle shopping bags, check dates on all boxes.  Fill sugar jar, cheerio jar, flour jar, etc.  Wipe down shelves and cabinets.  Vacuum bottom of the pantry.

Wednesday: Organize linen closet (I wish Grandma Judy could come over and help, she did this with me two years ago and my linen closet looked AMAZING).  Throw out old or unused items, donate baby items that are not being used.  Re-fold all towels, sheets, blankets so it looks gorgeous!

Thursday: Organize Coat closet in vestibule.  OH MY!  I'm doing before and after pics of this one, because it is truly awful.  I don't know how it got so bad, but it definitely needs some TLC.

Friday: I'm leaving the laundry room for Friday because this will be a quickie.  There's not much to do except organize two shelves and wipe them down with Windex, I also want to wipe down the washer and dryer with windex and do a through vacuum/dusting job. 

Can't wait to post pics of how these closets, and mini rooms look when I'm all done!  Yayness!


  1. Good luck with your cleaning! I've been slowly working through the house as well, but I am jsut not organized enough to make a list! =)

  2. I can't wait to see! I am going through serious early nesting and I plan on taking apart every room again very soon!

  3. Dont forget to clean out your garage! I read an article that really made me realize that the garage is the most important place to start! Check it out....



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