01 April 2011

Play Dates!

This was a great week!  I planned some fun play dates and both my kids were in stimulation heaven!  And being that both my kids are social magnets they enjoyed playing with friends and family.

Our first play date this week was on Wednesday when Denise and I decided to meet up at my in laws.  Denise is a family friend of the McInerney's, she is a black belt and trained with John and Laurie when they were all younger.  Denise and I became friends when she and I got pregnant at the same time with Samantha and Julia.  The two girls are about a week or so apart.  Julia was born on Dec 31st and Samantha was born on January 9th.

And it became really neat when we were both pregnant again with baby #2!  Amanda and Mark are only a few months apart.  Mark will be 2 in May and Amanda is about 1 1/2.  So it was really fun to get together with the in laws and Denise and her girls and watch the kids play.

Grandpa Jack made it really fun when he brought out about a dozen hats for the kids to play with.  It was like dress up time!  Julia and Mark adore Grandpa Jack and Grandma Judy!  It was a fun visit.

Aunt Laurie even stopped by to play with all the kids.  And Mark loved being tickled by Aunt Laurie!  Aunt Laurie taught him the phrase, "Whoa baby!"  So now whenever he sees her or whenever he says it he goes, "Whoa baby!!! Aunt Woorie!!!"  It is really cute.

And it just has to be said that Mark gets more handsome and cuter by the minute.  Look at him with his hand in his pocket???!!! Adorable!  He would go right over to Grandma Judy and go, "Lap!"  or "Hold me!"  He loves the extra cuddles!  And the grandparents are always happy to oblige!
Even with all the girls around, Mark had fun playing with the hats, and the keys he found around the house.  He is his own need to be entertained.  He always finds something interesting to figure out or work on.

On Thursday, we had Aunt Christy, and baby Elizabeth over (I like to call her my Lizzy Lou).  See my girls' matching shirts?  I told Julia that Lizzy is like her sister since aunt Christy is my sister (well, my sister in Christ and my bestest friend) actually I guess they are cousins but Julia understood the sister thing much more!  She could not get enough of Lizzy!  And Aunt Christy was so gracious to let the kids play with Lizzy, who will be 6 months old in a week!  Can you believe it?

We brought out the kids exersaucer before our dear friends came over.  We cleaned it up with some wet wipes and it waited for Lizzy Lou to get here!  And she really liked it!  I even think Mark and Julia wanted to climb in it.  They taught Lizzy how it made all the sounds and music and all the fun toys to play with.  She just laughed and laughed.  Such a good girl!

Julia got to hold her doll Brenna while mommy got a turn with Lizzy.  Trust me she asked me about 2 million times if it was her turn yet to hold Lizzy.  She really needs a baby sister.  She loves babies and she is so sweet to them.  I loved how Mark kept calling Aunt Christy...Chisty and baby Lizzy, Baby, it was so sweet!  He's such a big boy now.

Thank you Aunt Christy and Lizzy for visiting us.  You left too soon!  We wanted you to stay forever!

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  1. We treasure our times with you and your family Kristi! Thank you for your incredible hospitality and your sweet, sweet post. I also love your other pictures from your inlaws - especially Grandpa Jack and Julia with the hats - so fun! xoxoxo C


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