08 April 2011


This has been such a successful Spring Cleaning Week!  My closets, garage, and nooks and crannies are all cleaned out/vacuumed/dusted and ready to serve their purposes!  We got rid of over 6 bags of clothes and 2 bags of toys (we donate to the Goodwill down the street and you get a tax receipt each time, we also donate to Solutions Pregnancy Center)  We found a home for Julia's crib and changing table!  I'm so happy to know the person it is going to and I'm excited to meet their new baby in July!  The reason why we were able to give away our crib/changing table we bought for Julia is because someone blessed us with Mark's bedroom furniture and Julia's new big girl bedroom furniture...so it was time to pass on the blessing!  So we will still have nursery furniture if we decide to have more babies later!!!

Since our garage is completely empty John decided to add to it and buy a mini boat so that he and his dad and the kids can go fishing and crabbing in the summer!  God is so good and he got the boat for such a great deal, and a motor and a fish finder for only $300!  He's so excited to take it fishing on Father's Day with his Dad and Uncles and Cousins...the McInerney Dad tradition!

I just need to organize the baby boy/girl clothes by size/season in bins that I'm saving...there are some things that are too precious to part with!

And today during nap time I will be sprucing up the laundry room with a good cleaning and a bit of organizing some shelves...can't wait to take photos of each area of the house we've been working on to show you all!!!


  1. It is so exciting to clean out! Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. Looking forward to the photos. Kristi!


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