27 April 2011

A Day of Rest--NYC trip

Okay all you hard working people, you have full time jobs, and responsibilities to your family, your friends, and your ministry.  You give 100% to whatever you put your mind to, whether it's performing at work, cleaning your home, taking care of little ones, or home schooling your children.  And that's probably not all you do.

On the side you might tutor, babysit a friend's child, visit a family member in a nursing home, teach a Sunday School class, or cook a meal for a shut in.  When you give, give, give sometimes you wind up feeling so exhausted not only physically but emotionally, right? 

God knows every part of us...He knows when we are exhausted, at our wits end, lonely, cranky, moody, happy, excited, or anxious.  He cares about all our emotions.  He wants us to feel peaceful and live a life of balance.  He knows our deepest needs, even better than we do!

Here is an excerpt from Jesus Calling for April 27-

"Come to Me with empty hands and an open heart, ready to receive abundant blessings.  I know the depth and breadth of your neediness.  Your life-path has been difficult, draining you of strength.  Come to Me for nurture.  Let Me fill you up with My Presence: I in you, and you in Me.  My power flows most freely into weak ones aware of their need for Me.  Faltering steps of dependence are not lack of faith; they are links to My Presence."

(John 17: 20-23 and Isaiah 40: 29-31)

As a stay at home mom of two one of my biggest faults is pride.  Pride that I can do it all and not ask for help.  Pride that I don't need anyone and that I shouldn't bother anyone.  God has been teaching me to open my heart and allow people to help me so that I can be blessed, so that I can be filled to the brim with blessings and have even more strength and energy to pour into my little family upon my return.  On Good Friday, we asked John's parents to watch Mark and Julia while we headed out into the city for a day of togetherness and rest.

First we stopped at John's empty office so I could picture where he works.
He has an amazing view.
Now when he calls me I can picture him working hard at his desk.
John and I headed into the city at around 10 am.  We rode the bus he normally takes, I got to take the commute he takes and just sit on the bus and read a magazine, a true luxury for a busy mom of two!  We then stopped at his office, he showed me around. (I noticed that he needed more pics of his family, so I sent him some Monday morning to spruce his office up)

Tulips in NYC
We got to walk hand in hand around the city.  John made reservations at an Indian restaurant in Midtown called Amma....delicious!!!

Looking at the menu...how do you choose when everything sounds yummy?
John ordered a chicken dish in a spicy red sauce with Nan...Indian bread is amazing
I ordered a rice dish with chicken...it was so good! John finished most of it.
I'm so thankful for my in laws coming over and watching the kids all day.  We got home around 4pm and so they were with the kids for the better part of the day, I'm telling you by 1:00 my heart started hurting because I missed them so bad!  My mother in law kept texting how good they were how they went right to sleep at nap time...I came home to find my sink cleaned, my laundry folded from the dryer and two very happy children.  Who could ask for more?

God wants to richly bless us and give us rest if we are open to allowing Him.  And sometimes that means we have to humble ourselves and allow other people to be a part of the blessing.  My in laws went home with the biggest smiles because they had a day with their two favorite grandchildren (okay their only grandchildren, but you know what I mean!)

We walked through central park
saw horses
and famous hotels
NYC is beautiful in spring, everything is blooming
Thank you for filling us up Lord, and giving us those days of rest when we seek you and are open to your plan.  Thank you for directing our steps as we depend on you completely.  You are so good to us!  This was truly a three day weekend we will never forget.


  1. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful day wiyj your hubby and that iy was a restful day for you too.

  2. How awesome Kristi to spend some sweet time relaxing with John! Tim and I are heading on vaca tomorrow...we are going on a 9 day cruise and I of course will be missing Ariel like crazy! Hope you are doing well! p.s. I am going to be starting the Power of a Praying Wife study with some girls from church in a few wks - thanks for inspiring me ;)

  3. What a lovely day for a lovely couple! xoxo C


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