24 March 2016

For This Child I Prayed

My Micah-Boy

You can tell from every picture that I post of my children that Micah is different.  And by different I mean it in a very good way.  

Micah is wild.  Micah is loud.  Micah is rambunctious.  He sings, he runs, he jumps on the couch, he writes on his face with Sharpies.  He likes to kick things that he builds.  His favorite word the past few weeks is fart, and hate.  But, Micah's laughter is infectious.  Micah does the opposite of what I ask and expect most of the time.  Micah marches to the beat of his own drum.  But, he amazingly makes us, us.

If you were to ask any of our close friends who they get the biggest kick out of...you guessed it...it's Micah.

Julia and Mark took naps until they were 5.  Long, two hour naps.  Micah, doesn't nap.  Micah doesn't need sleep the way most human children do.  Micah wakes up running, eating, and is a non-stop go go go kid!

When I potty trained Julia and Mark they were compliant, they drank their juice, they sat on the potty, they followed the directions... Micah made up a potty song and at the end he pounded the air with his fist and said, "Never! Never! Never will I use the potty!" (And a week later he was potty trained...but he had me convinced I would be changing his diapers during classes at college.)

I love this kid.  I prayed for a third child.  In fact I never prayed harder to get pregnant than for when I did with Julia and Micah.  Mark and Amelia were our bonus kids (thankfully so!)  But after Julia and Mark, in fact Mark was only 6 months when I started feeling like...man, someone is missing from our family.  

I have to admit, Micah at times, can be my biggest challenge...but when I look into his blue eyes, and see his dimples, and watch him play and have fun, I can't help but love him so much more...

 I love him when he says... "fart, fart, fart, fart..." in the grocery store as we stroll down the aisle.  I love him when he builds towers with my Dad on the floor and then kicks them into the t.v. stand (I'm so sorry Mom, and Dad).  I love him when he is jumping on the couch and says, "I'm hopping, not jumping!"  I love him when I find him covered in black Sharpie (ok, actually this really made me mad) But, I love him because he doesn't always follow the rules (although man I wish he would sometimes)...because he makes me lighten up, and he makes me laugh, and he reminds me again and again that being a mom doesn't always look easy... he reminds me that it's okay to breathe and laugh sometimes...my sweet third child broke me!  He broke me into a million pieces and he has made my heart explode with love.

I love you Micah Justice... Happy 3rd Birthday!

He has shown theeO manwhat is good and what the Lord requires of theeBut to do justlyAnd to love mercyAnd to walk humbly with thy God
Micah 6:8

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