15 April 2013

Paleo Challenge

Well, Micah is 3 weeks old and I finally feel totally back to normal.  Sara and I went food shopping yesterday at the farmer's market to begin our Paleo Diet this Monday.

This diet is very strict.  NO dairy, NO grains, NO alcohol, NO sugar, NO beans, and NO cheating!

I spent over $25 at the farmer's market on fruits and veggies, and $92 at the grocery store on meats, and other necessities.  Eating healthy is more expensive!

John is also excited we are doing this because we all need to get back into shape after the baby, he wants to lift/workout more, and I still have 11lbs to lose.  I lost 20lbs really quickly but I need to get rid of the last few lbs.

Breast feeding is certainly helping!  Plus keeping up with Julia and Mark is another calorie burner!  Wish Sara and I luck!  We are doing Paleo for 6 weeks...we stop on May 27th...Mark's 4th birthday!  At least I will have cake on my big boy's big day!


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  1. Good luck hope works out cant wait to read more about how it's going


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