20 October 2013

Great Fall Kids Books

Fall Fun

There are so many great books out there for the kids to read in the library that it can really sometimes be overwhelming to know which books to read, and when to read them.  I've been creating a home school children's library from our own books at home and cataloging them in stand up file folders according to months in the year and seasons.

I wanted an easy way to find all of our theme specific books and also be able to grab on the go when we go Apple picking or Pumpkin picking.  We like to read in our car on the way to our field trips or when we are waiting in line.

This way all I have to do is go to our September book folder for example to find all of our Back to School type books.  In October you would find all our Fall, Pumpkin, Apple, and Leaf books.  Each book title will have a link that you can go to where you can actually see the book for yourself.  We buy a lot of our newer books from Barnes and Noble or I order online from Amazon.  

I have found that the more often I read to my kids the same book at the same time it is like putting on a favorite sweater.  It makes them feel all warm and cozy.  It has also given Julia confidence in reading as she now sounds things out and picks out the site words she knows.  Repetitive reading is just so important!  

Here is what we have been reading the past 2 months:

Happy Reading!


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