25 June 2010

Marky Man's new happenings

Let's see, what can I discover today? Each day now, I'm noticing that Mark not only gets more curious, but that he is definitely getting more independent and he's able to "entertain" his little self.

By holding onto someone's hand, or scaling a wall, or holding onto a table he walks all around picking up toys, eating his snacks, drinking from his cup, and basically following Julia and I around anxious to see what we are up to.

I've been taking the kids to Dorbrook Sprayground quite frequently. We've gone 3 times in the last week, (Saturday, Father's Day, and this past Wednesday with friends). Mark absolutely loves the water. I'm usually left in the dust while he and Julia squeal with delight and run in the water (well Mark crawls). Although Mark does crawl back to me for a quick hug and snuggle!

It's been so nice to just put them to bed at the same time at night and even most afternoon naps. Mark barely cries anymore, and if he does, it lasts for like 2 seconds before he snuggles on top of his pillow and sucks his thumb.

There's no mistaken that he knows how to say Da-Da and Ma-Ma, but still no Julia. Julia does enough talking for him and he loves tickling her. The two of them sit and laugh and crack each other up. As hard as having kids close together is (and now that Mark is one I think I'm in the easy zone, especially since now he barely nurses, only 2-3 times as opposed to 6-7) it's a blessing to see them play together, and learn together, and grow together.

I wonder what adventures we will get into today!

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  1. I love it! He is a big boy and so very handsome at that! I love that water park! Have a wonderful adventure today!


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