14 June 2010

Luke's Graduation

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends in Doylestown, PA. The Weavers have been my family since I was about 13 when Christy became my "adopted mom" and best friend/mentor. We are 15 years apart and share a June birthday. I love my Christy. Her family has been my "babies" since they were born. I've changed diapers, babysat, cuddled, taken to the park, gone to birthday parties, and vacationed with them. Christ brought us together and I am soooo thankful. Now, Bill and John are buddies too, they are lifelong seminary students (we tease them since they are both still working on their degrees) but they both LOVE the Lord and have a passion to preach the gospel and serve others.

Luke, "my baby" now totally grown, just graduated from Plumstead Christian high school. It's funny because Luke and John get mistaken for brothers all the time, even at this party, Lisa Coyle told me John was playing volleyball, and I go, "Lisa, that's Luke!" LOL

Bridget, Luke's sister, will be 15 next month, and Ben, the youngest, just turned 9. My time has really flown by!

Some other favorite friends in these photos are the Coyles, and Julia has a crush on their son Zach, she asks for Zach ALL THE TIME...she follows him like a lost puppy. She wants him to play with her, pick her up, push her on the swing, and just be in the same room, or she asks, "Where's Zach?" And Zach is almost 14 and is very good about it.

Uncle John DiMare, and godfather to Marky was also at the party and they had some special bonding time. Marky is getting better with allowing others to hold him. As a matter of fact, Christy held him for quite some time, and I had to go looking for her and Marky!

Just wanted to also say that Bill and Christy were excellent hosts, they made us all feel comfortable and welcome, we were the last to leave, because well, we never like to say goodbye (we live about an hour and 30 minutes away) and because we always feel like we are at home.

We love you Weavers!!! Congrats Luke! Can't wait to hear how well you will do at Messiah College in PA, and I'm praying you make the baseball team!!!

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  1. Christy never changes! She looks just as young as she did when she was our youth leader! I can't believe Luke graduated! My how time flies....


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