31 January 2012

Mommy-Made Scavenger Hunt

Today we took the kids to the Monmouth Museum Wonder Wing.  It's a huge indoor play area for kids.  I went with my friends Janice and Yvonne and we all brought our kids so there was 7 kids between us.

We had such a great time playing and watching the kids play.  One of the things the museum provides is a scavenger hunt for the kids to look for things within the boat, or inside the tree house, or by the book rack, or in the tiki theater.  It's just something else to do there that is fun for the kids.

So my wheels got turning and I said to the moms, "That's gonna be my homework today, making a scavenger hunt in the house for the kids."  And since my kids are pooped from playing til 2:30 they are still napping right now and I did it.  I made my scavenger hunt and hopefully any of you moms out there will find it Mommy-Friendly!  What I'm going to do is when the kids wake up from nap-time we are going to do the hunt, and I will give Julia the clipboard and a marker and as we find each item she can check it off!  I think it will be fun thing to do before or after dinner.  I might make up a couple more so when John gets home he can do one with the kids too!

Scavenger Hunt with Mommy

1. Find something that is shiny/sparkles
2. Find a toy that is soft
3. Find something that is colorful--must have 4 or more colors on it
4. Find something tall
5. Find something very, very small
6. Find something that smells sweet
7. Find a toy that you can build with
8. Find a toy that has wheels
9. Find a pink hairbow
10. Find a hat

Scavenger Hunt with Daddy

1. Find something that is green
2. Find something that you can throw
3. Find something that is super hard
4. Find something that is heavy to lift
5. Find something that glows in the dark
6. Find something that ties
7. Find something that you can wear on your feet
8. Find something you use when it's raining outside
9. Find something that is very stinky
10. Find something that is clean

Have fun playing!!!

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