05 January 2012

My Show and Share Time

As you know Moms have to be creative.  We have to also be fun and entertaining, but we also want to TEACH our children at the same time and we want them to enjoy learning, right?  Well, have you noticed how much preschoolers love to entertain and show case their favorite things?  I learned this very well at Christmas time.  Kids love to model their new clothes.  They love to show you their new toys, and they like to dance, jump and talk...so, why not use all of their energy and excitement and teach them some verbal skills at the same time?

We call this learning time in our home, Show and Share.  And I'm sure you've all heard of show and tell.  But we call it show and share because we want to encourage not only the showing and the telling about the object but also the sharing with our brother, Mark or our sister Julia (or friends at school).   

The way I like to do Show and Share is give my kids a color and they have to go in their bedroom or the playroom and find an object that particular color, you can do themed Show and Shares (find an animal, bring a book, bring a picture, etc) or you can have your child wear something to Show and Share.  Then have your child answer questions about their object or outfit to everyone in the group or whoever is at home.  I get super serious and say, mommy is going to interview you and you are not allowed to answer each other's questions (because Julia would do ALL the talking).

Show and Share Questions:

1. What color is your object?
2. Is it hard or soft?
3. What is your object called?
4. What do you do with your object?
5. Where do you keep it?
6. What do you like about it?

The list of questions can be short or long, silly or serious, but as long as your child is using their mind and answering your questions it causes them to think!!!

And one word answers are not "acceptable" the whole goal is to get them to explain and talk so if I get one word answers I ask more questions and say, "explain what you mean..."

I'm constantly surprised at the things my 2 1/2 year old son comes up with.  Julia has always been a very high level thinker and answers questions very thoroughly, but Mark is still so young and when he keeps up with Julia I'm always impressed!  I guess having high expectations for your kids can be a positive thing!

If you click on the Show and Tell article you will find monthly themes that you can use! We have really enjoyed doing this at home and I wanted to Show and Share with all of you, my readers.


  1. Hey Kristi. I'm Sarah. I just started following from the Mingle With Us Blog Hop. I am following via GFC and Twitter. Here is my link you are welcome to stop by and visit.


    I've really enjoyed reading your blog, you sound like a great mom. I'm not a mom yet, but you have definitely inspired me for when that time finally does come.

    Anyway, great post! Looking forward to coming back.


  2. I love this idea! I pinned it on my "For the Kids" board on Pintrest!

  3. yes.. I did this with all my kids..and they are all straight A students! Learning trough play is fun!!! I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.


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