27 July 2010

Mark at 14 months...and The Ice Cream Cone

I'm Mark. I'm 14 months now.  Mom loves me.
We have a tradition.  Me, and the kids, after dinner, after bath time, after clean diapers, and of course a clean kitchen, we head downstairs to the basement, which is the only room with a t.v. in our house and we watch a short kid movie like Shiloh, Elmo in Grouch-land, Follow that Bird, or Winn-Dixie.

Mom provides some sort of yummy dessert, sometimes it's a cookie, or a graham cracker, sometimes it's a bowl of berries or grapes, sometimes it may be a piece of cake, or a bowl of popcorn...but last Thursday, Mommy did something she's never, ever done before...she gave BOTH kids their very own ice cream cone!  She let loose and let us chow down on not only a yummy snack, but a messy snack (Ok, well there was a blanket laid on my rug, so I did cheat a little, c'mon you guys know how uptight I am, LOL)

So, here are some photos from that evening, and you can just see how my Mark is blossoming into such a handsome, young lad.  He loves his older sister and keeps a close eye out for EVERYTHING she does.  He watches to see how she does things and loves copying her and laughing with her.  I'm enjoying watching their friendship grow.  I'm basically just one proud mama over here!

I can't believe she gave me this cone.  It's great.
Julia got one too, she knows how to eat it and  watch the movie.
How does she do it?  Man, my sister is amazing.
I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm going to try to walk and eat this thing.

Life at 14 months is SWEET!


  1. Ice Creams cones??? GOOOOO MOMMY!!!!! What a fantastic time they must have had!! hehe

  2. They are just ADORABLE!!! I just love both your kids and I have never met them! Mark is just too cute with his cone! Ohh and I know ALL about the Elmo movie...Alyna (my pooky) just wants to watch that movie all day long! I do love my lil cuz though! great pics!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, KRISTI!!!!!!!! They are just ADORABLE!!! That last picture is just the best! Goodness, I love you guys!


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