16 July 2010

Sick Baby

Today's real post is canceled due to mommy-hood.  Yesterday morning, my Julia just wasn't herself, and it only got worse throughout the day.

Aunt Sara came over to watch Julia as she layed on the couch and watched 101 Dalmatians and Elmo, and Mark and I headed to VBS.  Julia went to bed at 6pm the night before and had a fever, that was my first sign that something wasn't right.

Then she woke up barely eating, barely talking, and just not her spunky, get down to business (fun) attitude.  After her 2 hour nap in the afternoon she woke up hysterical.  I noticed a rash on her hands, feet, and private area.  She kept itching and said her mouth hurt, her belly hurt, and she had a headache.  It was then that I wished I ran to the store to buy some Benadryl...because the rest of the evening got much worse with crying, asking for medicine, and asking to see the Doctor.  What 2 year old asks to see the doctor?

So last night we put her to bed at 7:45 and she kept waking up and crying and scratching every 15 minutes.  By 11 am I just brought in my pillow and blanket and she and I camped out on her bedroom floor.  This relaxed her and there was no more crying or outbursts, but still tons of scratching.  I did find some topical benadryl lottion, but that really didn't help much.  All night I heard her scratching.

This morning my challenge will be to get everyone ready, drive to church to drop off the apple juice I needed to bring today, call the doctor and beg for an appt first thing this morning, and keep everyone happy.  Pray for Julia, pray for Mommy (wisdom, patience, and strength--I barely slept), pray for John, and pray for Marky who keeps getting told, "GO away Marky, don't bother me!" By his big sister who normally adores him...I guess the pain and crankiness has taken over.

I love all of you and pray you have an amazing weekend!  I'm counting on things looking up by Saturday!

I think Julia may have a hand, foot, mouth virus.  Click here to see what I researched.  We have a doctor's appt at 10:30.  Thank God.


  1. Oh my goodness! Poor baby! She must love her doctor to ask for him, that is amazing! Aunt Suzie hopes you feel better soon, JuJu!

  2. Oh! Bless her heart! I hope everything goes well....could it be chicken pox? Poor thing! I'll keep her in mind today! I hope she feels better!


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