14 September 2014

The Sweetest Neighbors

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are finally home and settled and not living out of boxes!

Everyone has their own space and we are still working on making Miss Amelia's room the sweetest for a baby girl.  Right now she's still living in our room in a sweet bassinet-like/crib our new neighbors gave us.

We are surrounded by great neighbors, just like in our old neighborhood in Aberdeen.  The weekend we moved in all of our new neighbors came over, introduced themselves, and brought us meals!  For real!  The hospitality around here is amazing.  I can't wait til I'm on my A-game so I can whip up a batch of muffins or brownies to thank all of them.  

And the oddest thing is...everyone has 4 kids!  Right across the street from us is a sweet family with 2 girls and 2 boys right around our kids ages.  Julia and Mark were besides themselves with excitement.  And the first weekend they walked across the street to shake Julia and Mark's hands to say: Welcome to the neighborhood!  Who does that?!  I was so impressed and so was Julia!  She ran in to tell me right away, she said, "Mom these kids are so respectful!"

Looking back over the past few months...I can see how God worked it all out.   I knew He would...but I was so scared, so afraid, and I worried about how we would handle the move, the new baby, etc.  But God surrounded us with help from all different sides, from people I didn't even expect, and just a continuous overflow of blessing that whispered, "Kristi, didn't I tell you I would take care of you?"  

And all I can say now is..."You did it Lord, thank you, thank you so much."

Amelia Susanna joined our family two days before the big move!


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