17 May 2012

I'm Sorry, Forever...

A Mother and Her Son

Somebody very handsome is turning 3 next weekend...3 years old!

 I can't believe this little guy of mine is getting so big...I did not give him permission at ALL to grow up so fast!  Ummm, no I did not!  But, alas, it is happening just the same.

Thank goodness for big sister Julia because Mark has learned so many great things from his big sister, from being kind, to obeying mommy and daddy, to sitting quietly at church.  Julia is constantly speaking to her brother and mimicking what I say...and man, does Mark listen.

There is something to be said about boys who have older sisters.  They seem to be more sensitive to women and others around them.  I just love it!

 One thing that happens in our home when there is a misbehavior is a time out on the step.  The child must sit on their step for 4 minutes if they are Julia who is 4...or 2 minutes if they are Mark who is currently 2...but soon Mark will have 3 minutes...I bet that will feel so long to Mark.  Mark now asks, "Mom, I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry forever!"  I think he says it in desperation to get off his step (I guess 2 minutes by yourself can seem long).  But it is the cutest thing ever..."I'm sorry forever"  But it still does not get him off his step.  "Mark, I know you are sorry forever honey but you still have one minute buddy."

 Mark, my love, one day when you are about 15 years old, I will remind you of just how much I love you, and just how handsome you are...and I will say to you, "Do you remember what you used to say when you were on your step when you were in time out...?"  And you might not.  And I will remind you that the sweetest words I could ever hear were..."I'm sorry forever!"  I love you, Son.  You are my best boy.

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  1. Oh, Kristi! They are both so precious! When Addie turned three and her time out went to three minutes, the first time she called out, "Is it time yet?" That extra minute must feel like an eternity to them!


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