29 May 2012

Turtle Back Zoo 2012

Celebrating Marky

 I am a multitask-er.  I am first a wife and mom and one of my side jobs is the Playdate Coordinator for my MOPS group (Christian organization which stands for Mothers Of Pre Schoolers).

I have been a part of MOPS since Julia was 10 months old in 2008 and got involved to help out the second year when Mark was born in 2009.  I love planning the outings because I love meeting up with the moms and getting to know them better and having fun places to plan for the kids.

Every May we take Mark to Turtle Back Zoo for his birthday...it's an early start to his birthday weekend, and this past Friday we went with 7 other moms (some MOPS moms, some dads, and some of my closest friends came).

Kaitlyn, Jennifer, and my Julia...our dear library friends
The weather looked questionable, but we all agreed it was best the sun WASN'T out because it would have been hotter than we could bare.  It never rained on us and actually it was quite nice.  So, thank you Lord, for giving us the perfect weather.

Julia and Lizzy Lou (my best friend's daughter)
I learned something very important on this field trip.  Julia is a nurturing mother.  She held 1 1/2 year old Lizzy's hand the whole time and kept pointing to different animals.  She wanted Lizzy to have a great time and she really made her feel so special.  Me and Christy were amazed and so blessed by these two and their little relationship. Field trips are so much more fun with your best friends surrounding you and it was so nice to have my Christy there.  Our children are becoming best friends and best cousins.

Julia and Lizzy even shared a carriage...Lizzy didn't want a ride, but once she saw Julia climb in she wanted to sit with her...what a pretty pair.

On the tiger at the carousel
The birthday boy got to ride the carousel with all his friends.  I just love him.  He's gotten so big and brave this past year...

Well this was only part 1 of the birthday weekend...tune in this week for

1. Big Ed's BBQ
2. The birthday party
3. Dorbrook Sprayground on Memorial Day

We had an awesome weekend!!!

Happy Birthday to my Marky!

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  1. I love the Turtle Back Zoo!! It's small but just big enough for a great day!
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