16 May 2012

Children Are A Gift

Mother's Day Weekend

 John did it AGAIN.  He gave me the absolute BEST weekend ever!  It was so good it was like Christmas.  On Monday morning Julia woke up and said, "Mom is Mother's Day over?  Oh...man..."  Nobody wanted the fun family weekend to end...let me tell you why...


My parents came over and I cooked them a gourmet meal and made mom a fresh vanilla cake.  Then we all watched a movie in the basement.  Celebrating my mom was such a treat and even Dad got spoiled in the process.


This was MY special Mother's Day Extravaganza (no really that's what John called it all day).  I woke up, on my own, which never happens.  I could hear fun things happening in the kitchen.  When I got down there, the kids were dressed (we won't talk about how they didn't match honey, at least you dressed them, no I am not complaining I promise!!!!) and my coffee was waiting and I was told to sit down so I could watch a pdf file slide show presentation John made at 2 am last night.  So the slideshow listed all the fun things we were to do today...and the best part was each part had pictures of me and the kids and he had voice bubbles of things they were saying like in a comic...it was hysterical...I wish I could post it but there's no way to link it or attach it. 

A. First he thanked me for being a great mommy and taking the kids to fun places.
B. It said that today they were going to take me to breakfast at Le Peep (MY FAVORITE breakfast place, we used to go there many a Sunday pre-kids right after church...we didn't even need a menu to order...they knew our orders!  I got the Belgian Waffle Combo and John got the French toast Combo...the kids loved it there.)
C. Then the presentation said that we would go to the park and have a picnic
D. Then it said that they were taking me to Freehold Mall after nap time and that I would be given a certain amount of money and could go splurge while they played in the kid area (Yup, my very frugal husband was allowing me to go shopping without little people to push in a carriage!)

What he didn't put in the presentation is that he was going to take the kids to Taekwondo for me allowing me to shower and clean the house for an hour all by myself.  He also took me out to dinner so the house would stay super clean all day.  And he also didn't put that after the kids were put to bed at bed time we would relax in the hot tub and look at the stars...our backyard is like a vacation!


After church we all ate a cod dish I made for lunch and relaxed and napped.  Then we went out to dinner at Houlihans since it was really Mother's Day...and then I made a chocolate cake to bring to my MIL house and we had dessert with John's family.

What a Mother's Day Extravaganza it was!

And at church my whole family including Mom, Dad, and Sara came to first service to sit with us (usually they go to second and we never get to sit with them).  And Sara and Mom got me the best gifts and the sweetest cards.  Sara got me our sister movie, The Vow, and my mom got me a lenox ring holder, soaps, and a beautiful pair of earrings.

Mom's card went on and on about how proud she is of me as a mom.  I loved it.

Sara's card was my absolute favorite.  She wrote how she is so amazed at my parenting and that she is so thankful for Julia and Mark.  It was the first time I considered that my children are not only a gift to me and John, but they are a gift to our whole family, to our friends, and to our little neck of the world.  I love sharing my gifts with others.

Thank you John for the best mother's day ever...

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