09 May 2012

Bible Study Fellowship

A family that loves to learn

We have always been a couple that have loved to learn more about history, God's word, the sciences, literature all of that...and I think because of how I function as a person with lots of structure and high expectations of myself and my family my little ones have also come to love to learn.  Whether it's reading books at the library, finding out about bugs or flowers, or researching a famous person, my kids are constantly asking me questions and wanting to be challenged.

After I was done teaching/leading Ladies Bible Study at my church, I knew I still wanted more for us at home.  I wanted us to be reading the Bible and being consistent to learn more about Jesus, and I kept hearing about BSF at Lincroft church from all my MOPS friends.  I heard that not only was it a dynamic bible study for women, but that the children learn right along with the moms in their own classrooms at their own level.  My one fear was Mark.

Now, Julia can go just about anywhere and excel and make friends.  She is a social butterfly.  Mark loves making new friends, but he does not enjoy leaving mommy.  Julia forgets to say goodbye to mommy sometimes, although lately she says, "Mom I really missed you!"  It never stops her from exploring a new place or meeting new people.  So I gave it to the Lord, I said, "Lord, I will try this new Bible study and if it is your will then I will feel a peace and both my children will love it."  You have to remember it took months 2 years ago for Mark to warm up to the nursery workers on Tuesdays at my church.  Months!  Even now he still cries or gets upset for a few minutes.

Sooo...I put my trust in the Lord and we packed our back packs, we brought our blankets (each kid's room has a quiet prayer time where they can be still on their blanket and rest and talk to God).  And we were off.

BSF is an amazing program and there has to be at least 200 women involved (probably more)  There's about 20 groups of 9-10 women and a leader.  First we have worship, then we go to our small groups to go over our homework and pray and the last 30 minutes is a lecture given by Joan on the bible reading.  The bible curriculum is all the bible...there's no book...we study verse by verse and discuss and apply to our lives and pray for each other...and the homework is intense...it's grad school level...it takes me at least 1-2 hours every week to read the notes, read the passage and answer the questions, but I am learning so much.

The second week is when you bring your children to the program after they find a placement for you.  The first week you come alone to go to an intro class and sign up.  Mark and Julia came that second week and they did marvelous (I did have prayer warriors praying they would do well, so thank you!).

Julia made new friends the first day...her teacher was so impressed and amazed...I was not surprised at all, just thankful.  I loved how her teacher greeted her at the door and thanked her for bringing her beautiful blue eyes, something Julia still remembers to this day.  The compliment warmed our hearts.  

We went to pick up Mark and he ran out saying what fun he had!!!! He cried for a whole 10 seconds I think before hew as scooped up and redirected.   They are awesome at distracting the boys and shooing mommies away.  I've learned the longer I linger the worse it is.  My boy is growing up...he's almost 3 now...and you know what he's learning so much about God.  He asks to pray at dinner more, during devotions he tells us what he remembers from the story.  He makes me so proud.

 I think it is good that they are both in their own class.  They each need to learn separately sometimes, and they sometimes need a break from each other.  Julia is a mother-er and Mark now that he is getting older is liking it less and less.  He wants to be a big boy and he doesn't want two mommies.  I think Julia really needs another sibling to mother and fuss over...she's so good at it!  Could that be why she is drawing pictures all the time of her baby brother and baby sister?  She cracks me up!

Wednesdays are a blessing to me now.  I can go to bible study and learn and share and hear about the Bible and not have to lead it...and I know my kids are being taught at the same time, in a safe environment, about the Lord...what more could I ask for? I'm in a new season of my life...still growing in the Lord, but taking less things off my plate and putting on things I can handle at this point.


  1. How wonderful! Enjoy your time today!

  2. I've always wanted to attend BSF - sounds awesome! And I love that the kids are learning too! xoxo C


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