08 May 2012

The Wedding of the Century

Their first cake
Love and Happiness

What a weekend this was for our family.  And to be honest I am still tired!!! I don't know how everyone else jumped back to work and their lives so quickly...me and the kids have been recouping ever since.  

Laurie and Kelsey got married this past Saturday at 2:30 in the afternoon.  God was so good to us, it never rained while we were outside but it was a tad humid!  We took pictures from 12:30 til 2pm at my MIL house.  It was just all the girls.  John had Mark (the ring bearer) at home til 1:30...and mommy had the bright idea of making Mark nap from 11 to 1pm...which totally worked out in our favor, he had the most rest that day!

Julia and I had no nap and headed to my MIL's house to change and take pictures.  Julia was a bit tired but she was really excited.  She wanted to go outside and play but we had to remind her it was Aunt Lauries's special day.

Laurie was a beautiful bride and wasn't the least bit stressed or worried about the day (I sure was!) She was like me on my wedding day, as cool as a cucumber and all she cared about was marrying Kelsey...rain or shine he was the only thing on her mind!

Their first dance
After the wedding ceremony (sorry I have no pics at the church, but being the bridesmaid, with two kids in the wedding left my hands very busy with little people and flowers!) we drove back to my in laws house to take pics outside of their clubhouse because there is a lake and fountain.  Now it was almost 5pm and we had to be at my house at 5pm for the sitter....the pics went quickly and the kids got to run and play.

Matron of Honor and Best Man gave awesome speeches
We left the wedding party to bring our children home, undress them, help the sitter figure out the tv and feed everyone dinner (Baby Bess...Bethany Lambertson was an absolute angel with the kids...they LOVE her!)...at this point in the day my stress level was down, and I was so happy that the ceremony and pictures went well...all I wanted was good behavior from the kids and everyone did their job!

We left at 5:45 to attend the 6pm reception.  Leaving the kids at home was a wise choice.  They got the rest they needed and we were able to greet and talk and enjoy the ceremony...it was like being on a date...at our table were my sister and her boyfriend, my parents, the Lungus, and Jesse and Sarah Mahon...our table had a blast...most of the night we took silly pics in the photo booth or were dancing the night away.

Much Love to Laurie and Kelsey.  It's so nice to finally have a brother and to see my sister in law so very happy!  They are excited to start their family and we are so excited for them!

Bride and Father dance

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  1. Loved reading every last detail! I bet your kids were the best flower girl and ring bearer EVER! The pictures are wonderful! xoxo C


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