01 May 2012

Wool Days

Daddy Weekend

We knew John would be away on business much of this week, so this weekend we made it extra special for the kids to multiply the time we did have with Daddy.

One of our absolute favorite spots is Holmdel Park Longstreet Farm.  I take the kids there often to milk the cows at 3:00...visit the chickens and piglets, and see the sheep and peacocks.

But this weekend it was even more special because on Sunday they had a sheep shearing day!  I've never seen the farm so busy with guests and workers!  There were hay rides, dog shows, and 3 lucky sheep layed down nicely while the three colonial dressed people took all their wool off.  The kids were not that impressed with the sheep, but me and John were!  There was so much wool being cut off.  Julia and Mark however wanted to show John all the animals because he doesn't get to go as much as us.

Mark especially kept holding John's hand and saying, "Daddy come see this!"  It was adorable.

Then we let the kids stay up way past their nap time to play at the playground.

John still can't get over how high Mark can climb or how well Julia pumps on the swings...these are things I see daily, but Daddy is always amazed at the growth of the kids.

Glad we got to spend the day with Dad....we miss him something terrible!

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