30 April 2012

The Wedding in 5 days...

Laurie & Kelsey

 In a few short days the wedding of the century will begin.

This week is full of hair appointments, nail appointments, picking up tuxedos, rehearsals, rehearsal dinners...

I'm trying to keep it all together but there is so much to do!  Thank goodness we did so much in advance to make this week as stress free as possible but with all four of us being in the wedding party and two of us under the age of 5...there is a lot to do and explain to the little ones in my life.

We've been talking about good behavior, holding hands down the aisle.  (Julia is the flower girl and Mark is the ring bearer...I don't think the pictures will be able to stand all the cuteness in the church).

We've been talking about how Aunt Laurie loves Kelsey and how Kelsey will now be UNCLE Kelsey.

We've been planning how much chocolate and goodies mommy will have during the photo shoot since my little ones will have no nap and pictures taken of them from 12:30 til about 5pm. 

Julia is so excited to wear her all white princess dress and Mark is excited to wear his suit and say, "Stylish!"  He and Julia have this inside joke with Ben Weaver and they do all these silly faces.

So pray for us this week.  We have lots to accomplish, but it is going to be a sweet, precious time for our family.

I love weddings!

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  1. how do you do it all, kristi? its only God's grace, thats the only way to explain it! You continually amaze me. Hope the wedding is awesome, just like YOU are! love ya...Liz


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