21 April 2012

My husband is AWESOME

You are AWESOME honey

Last night John came home at 7pm which never happens!  It was such a treat to have him home early, and the minute he came home he told me..."You are going to have the next 2 hours off!"  He then packed up both kids in his car and left! He didn't return til after 9pm, and it was so unexpected and so sweet.  

I was able to clean up after dinner while watching a show on his IPAD in the kitchen...then I organized Julia's bedroom which had gotten very unruly, and I was able to do our final summer clothes bin.  Then I plopped on our bed and vegged out til he got home.  It was so nice!

But that's not all--

They went food shopping last night  for our company today and they bought all breakfast pastries and fruit and cheese so we could have an English breakfast (cheese, pastry, a boiled egg and tea).  I woke up and he had breakfast all prepared for us.

But that's not all--

Then I got the kids dressed and ready because Saturday mornings we go to taekwondo and had a hair cut appointment for Marky.  I took a shower, packed the car and took the kids.

When I got back all of the floors were freshly washed, the counters cleared from breakfast, and the toy room completely picked up.

But that's not all--

Then I went downstairs to put a show on for the kids and noticed the toys were cleaned up, the leather couch was cleaned, the blankets were folded and put away and he dusted the entertainment center.

But that's not all--

He also took our dog Paris to the vet to get her shots and be groomed.

My husband, John McInerney is husband of the day!!! 

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