19 April 2012

My Mark

Mark almost 3...

Buddy you are almost 3...you are becoming so funny and so brave.  Today mommy was so proud of you to go into your new Bible class with all new people without mommy.

You were such a good boy.  I gave you a quick hug and kiss and made sure your back pack was put in your cubby with your blanky on top for prayer time.

Hearing you cry at first broke my heart.  But they gave me a beeper and for 2 hours not one beep.  I prayed for you a lot during those two hours.  I know how hard it is for you to leave mommy and to go into some place new...without your big sister to cheer you up.  Thank you.  You allowed  mommy to learn more about Jesus and you were brave...

I picked you up right on time...and ran to get you...but your class was still busy singing and I saw you on your teachers lap looking serious, and yet having fun...so I picked up your sister, and guess what?  She was brave too (I knew she'd be totally fine...her teacher was amazed at how well she did and how she made new friends already on her first visit, but I knew that is just my social butterfly Julia) ...Julia did not greet me with "Hi mom, I missed you, or Hi mom, where've you been..."  Guess all she cared about?  Mark.  Her Mark.  Her baby brother whom she was separated from for 2 hours...we do everything together and to be without sister or brother is a big deal.

"MOM...where's my Mark?"  "What class is he in?"  She was so concerned about getting to him and checking on him that her poor teacher had to carefully remove her pin name tag before she bolted out of the classroom.

 And boy was Mark happy to see us.  He had a great time.  He did cry for a minute, but had a blast the rest of the time.  Thank heavens!

So Mark, I figured out the title for your birthday book this year...My brave boy...Mark's 2 year old life.

And I'm so proud of my Julia for being so brave in her class and caring so tenderly for her brother...it warms my heart. 


  1. Great Blog! I am a new follower from the Blog Hop! :)

  2. Year two has been a brave year for your sweet boy! What a perfect title, and what a sweet post! xoxo C

  3. Such a sweet picture of you and your son. Visiting from Mingle with Us Blog Hop. :)


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