12 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

I am a list maker!

Today my focus is on Spring Cleaning!

Here is an article I found on the web that had tons of ideas and areas to focus on in your home...it made my to do list even longer. It's called Spring Chores.

I will divide the day into segments so I can everything in before Taekwondo and Awana.  I will also work around the kids little schedules and keep them occupied with fun hands on activities like Cheerio counting games, play dough fun, and our new fun activity making pictures with all different stamps and colors.

First Part: (After breakfast and devotions)

1. change all linens upstairs in bedrooms
2. bleach both bath tubs
3. vacuum all 3 bathrooms
4. wash bathroom floors
Second Part: (After Library time)
5. Go through all the clothes Liz gave us for Mark (we love hand me downs)
6. Go through Mark's drawers and closet
7. Make a donate pile for shoes/clothes

Third Part: (During Nap time)

8. Organize pantry
9. Clean bottom of fridge
10. dust basement

Final Part (After bed time)

11. Sort papers on home school table
12. dust basement ceiling (I've spotted some spider webs!)

Thursdays are actually a busy enough day with Taekwondo and Awana, but we are not going to do school tomorrow so I will have some time to spare!  And it's spring break after all...I can't miss out on Spring Cleaning!

Praying for cooperative kids and quick hands so that I will be able to sneak in some "me" time and maybe nap a bit during nap time!!! I doubt it though.  Anything that I don't get to I will work on Friday!  Wish me luck!!!


  1. I am a list maker too! This looks like a good way to split up the cleaning. I'm your newest GFC follower, found you on the Mingle With Us Blog Hop at Happy Go Lucky!

  2. Wow you are sooo organised! i am a new follower coming over from the mingle

  3. Great list! I think sometimes we need to write it all out to remind ourselves how much we actually do in a day! Thanks for sharing! Found you via the Mingle & am now following via GFC - Would love for you to come check out The Vintage Milk House! - Kali

  4. Good morning! I am a new follower from the mingle! I am totally going to print this list. It makes it seem so much more doable and not so overwhelming.


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