24 April 2012


Fun Facts About Yours Truly

 1. I've never had braces...yet sucked my thumb at bed time til I was eleven...don't know how I have straight teeth!

2. I wanted to be a waitress when I was little...seriously that was what I wanted to be when I grew up so I could wear pretty aprons and ask people what their order was...and be able to hold a pad and pen.

3. I trusted Jesus as my personal Savior when I was 5 years old...in my mom's bedroom, upstairs...we were talking about heaven and I desperately wanted to go to heaven and be with Jesus, mom explained to me about becoming born again and the Lord continues to be gracious to me ever since!

4. When I was little I wanted to get married and live on a big farm and have a boat load of children...at least 5!  When I turned 21 I got very fearful about having a baby and decided that being a teacher would be enough for me.  John and I got married in 2003 and we never once talked about having kids those first few years of being married...we were enjoying each other, traveling, doing ministry together, and then...I turned 28 and caught the baby bug...and never turned back!  We had Julia when I was 29 and Mark when I was 31!

5. I went to Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ for my undergrad work.  I majored in Elementary Education and Theater Dance.  I LOVED college.  I got so involved with clubs like the Black Cultural League, NAACP, Gospel Choir (we traveled most weekends to sing at churches), FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students).  I thought long and hard about joining a sorority but since I became an Resident Assistant my senior year and had Student Teaching and was so involved with plays each semester, I decided it wasn't the right fit for me...besides I couldn't choose one sorority that fit me.

6. I love theater.  Ever since I played Annie in 5th grade at Voorhees School I was hooked with singing and performing on stage!  I did plays in Middle School and all of HS.  Drama has always been an outlet for me.  I enjoyed memorizing lines and playing the part of someone else.  Singing was also a passion of mine.  I was in the youth choir and adult choir at my church for many years.

7. I DID NOT like teaching pre-school.  Don't get me wrong.  I was a great pre school teacher.  I arrived early to set up, I gave it my all, but I taught in a very poor district and the behavior of the students was poor, the parents were not very involved or supportive and I felt like all I did all day was wipe noses and remind kids to wash their hands.  I also was sick every other week.  It was my first teaching job out of college and my immune system was not built up yet.  During this year of teaching pre-K I went for my teacher's test to be certified K-8 in NJ and took lots of courses that made me excited for teaching a higher level.  Isn't it funny that now that I have pre schoolers I love school?  I guess I was really young and inexperienced...but it taught me a lot!  Also, the next year I taught 3rd grade for TCS and never had a sick day except when I got my wisdom teeth out!  Go figure!

8. I grew up in a dog loving home.  We always had a dog...and big ones.  We had a Rottweiler named Jabba and when we had to put him down because he had cancer we got an Akita named Gable...when I married John we lived in a townhouse first and didn't want a pet...but when we moved to our bigger home I knew how badly he wanted a dog...but once we got Paris our boxer I got pregnant...at first I loved having a puppy, but once Julia came and I became a mom...it got so hard handling both!!! I don't think I'm much of a dog person anymore...but I'm dedicated and Paris is so good with our children, she's a sweetie.

9. I'm the middle sister.  I have a 40 year old sister and a 24 year old sister.  When I hang out with my little sister Sara people always always ask us, "Who's older?"  I LOVE THAT.  Especially since I'm 8 years older!  My mom and dad gave all of us good young looking genes!!!

10. If I could have any wish answered it would be that one day I could go back to college and get my doctorate degree in education for administration.  I would absolutely love to be a professor for educators.  I think teaching is an extremely fabulous field and very rewarding.  It's not about the pay.  You have to do it because you love it and it is your passion!


  1. I learned some fun, new things here today...like YOU PLAYED ANNIE! I knew you were cool, but I didn't realize just HOW COOL! Here I thought musicals were something you and I just made up, but YOU are a professional! Loved learning more about you sweetie; this was a fun one! xoxo C

  2. Yes, my dear, you do have young looking genes! And I hope that one day you can become a professor. You have a lot to share and teach.

  3. Dropping by from the blog hop! Adorable blog! I'm a new GFC follower:)

    Barbara @ Chase the Star


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