23 April 2012

Every Mother Needs.....

"God's greatness flows around our incompleteness."

I've been reading a book called Mothers Together by Ruth Bell Graham & Gigi Graham Tchividjian.  The one great thing about having older mom friends is they pass down the most awesome books from when they were young parents, I think this one was from Christy Weaver.

It got me to thinking that all moms have these basic needs to get them through the day.  Here is my own personal list of what I need physically, spiritually, and emotionally to get through the day with two children, a husband, and a home to run.

"The Lord is my strength...and my heart trusts in Him and I am helped." Psalm 28:7

1. Quiet Time with the Lord. I'm not always able to wake up earlier than the rest of the family but I do make sure we all have our quiet time with the Lord, whether that means I sit in the office and read and pray, or do devotions with the kids, or during nap time do my Bible study homework, it is a priority that at some time during the sunshine hours me and the Lord have our "catch up time" together.  I need fuel and encouragement from Him to make it and to sustain me or I end up stressed and striving throughout the day without Him.

2. Some type of list or goal for the day.  The list may be long or short.  I may have ten goals or only one, but something needs to be driving us through the day. Whether it's accomplishing an hour of school time for the kids, or food shopping, or catching a story time/craft time at the library, I need a purpose for my little family.  I'm not the type that can be in pjs all day without a plan...that would drive me crazy...unless one of us is sick then the goal would be to get that little person well!

3. Something to look forward to.   This is something I've always done as a teacher.  Each week or month we always had something special to look forward to and it would get us through the hard parts of the day or week.  At TCS when I taught 3rd grade it might be a special Earth Day week in April, or a Dr. Seuss day in March, or a pajama day if everyone turned in their homework or bagels after standardized testing.  I think it was what made me a good teacher.  I was constantly reminding the kids of why we were working so hard and that their was a reward in sight.  As a mom it might be hugging daddy when he gets home, or going to the mall on Fridays after gymnastics to ride the carousel, or a surprise trip to the park for a picnic lunch.  Something special that even mommy looks forward to because we've all been working so hard.  This summer it might be going to Liberty Science Center, Cape May Zoo, or taking swim lessons.

4. Short accounts.  There will be times throughout the day that I mess up and need to apologize to God, my spouse or my kids.  I am not perfect and I am humble enough to know that the quicker I apologize and recognize my faults the better my relationships will be. Saying "I'm sorry" to my kids and my husband is especially humbling but it reminds all of us that we are a team and that a team can't function if there are hurt feelings between us.  This weekend Mark was put on the time out step and immediately he said, "I'm sorry!"  John responded..."You still have two minutes Marky."  to which Marky said, (oh my goodness cuteness is a huge factor here) "I'm sorry forever!"  Where he got that little phrase I have no idea...but we got the point.  He knew he was going to mess up again and just wanted forgiveness forever...after his two minutes he got the biggest hug I've ever seen.

 5. Counting my blessings.  Throughout the busy day I get tired and sometimes discouraged.  Counting my many blessings from the Lord is a beautiful thing that puts things all back into focus.  I'm blessed and God reminds me of His goodness when I see a smile from Mark, hear Julia reading to her brother, get a loving text from my husband, or see the sun peaking out from a cloud.  God is so good.  All the time.


  1. Another great post Kristi! I loved every word you wrote and found this especially encouraging today! God Bless You; you are a gift! xoxoxo C

  2. Beautiful post! Marky is way too cute for his own good!!!!!

  3. These are great reminders. =) I know when I don't have these things, life gets more difficult. Especially the daily time in prayer!


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