18 April 2012

Amelia & Bugs

Learning at Home

School at home has been so much fun!  Julia and Mark are truly my pride and joy.  They love learning and exploring and everything is an adventure.  At bedtime and naptime they ask me, "Mommy what adventure are we going to do next?"

They keep me excited about school!

This spring we just bought a book all about God's Creation and Weather from the Bible book store Body & Soul.

This past week we borrowed 5 books from the library from the bug section.  We have all these nature books with real pictures of Bees, the Life of the Ladybug, Killer Ants,  and Mark was so intrigued by a Gorilla, Monkey & Ape DK book...whatever captures his attention is what I get and am excited to teach him.

Last week when we were at Barnes & Noble looking for a birthday gift for Aunt Laurie I decided to get a novel on Ameila Earhart.  So we will study a new famous person every  semester...in the Fall we learned all about Thomas Jefferson.  I figured this time it would be good to study a famous woman...and Mark LOVES airplanes so I thought this was a good choice (and I LOVE the name Amelia).

 We lead a pretty charmed life over here...just me and the kids...learning, reading, exploring, and on to the next adventure...


  1. and john too, right? :-)

  2. Yes, of course. I just meant the three of us during school time when daddy is at work :)

  3. A charming post about a charmed life; love it! xoxo C


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