29 April 2012

Photoshoot Pictures

In Jersey Magazine Photoshoot

This past February I went for a casting call for all women at the Asbury Park Press.  I thought maybe there would be 50 women who showed up, but actually almost 200 did!

When I got there I was so nervous, but excited to meet the judges and hopefully charm them with my personality and charisma (I wish you could hear me laughing!).

Ever since I was little I have wanted to be in magazines.  My dad is an artist and photographer, and used to do photography and graphic art and layouts for Avon in NYC.  He would come home and tell us about the photoshoots he helped set up and do and the models he saw and worked with, one of which was Andie McDowell.

I used to cut out pictures of hair styles I liked and outfits I thought worked well together...and although I never drew or painted like my parents did...I think I had a knack for fashion, or at least I enjoyed it.

After college, majoring in theater dance and elementary education...I thought I'd pursue acting/modeling...but God closed a lot of doors and opened the ones He wanted me a part of, and He showed me my real gifts and passions were teaching and education...but still, part of me loves photography and fashion, and so being a part of the May issue of In Jersey was really really fun for me.

Click here to access the magazine and view pages 53-57 to see two of the shots I did.  I loved that when I interviewed in February the first thing I talked about to the judges was about my children, and the fact that they chose me for the Mothers Day May issue was really special to me, because I don't see myself as a Domestic Diva or an Artsy Mom, I just see myself as a Mom...and I'm loving every minute of it.

I was super blessed by John who sacrificed an entire work day in the city for me to allow me to do the photoshoot from 8:30 til 4pm...it was a long day for me and it was so nice knowing Daddy was home with the kiddos!  So, thanks honey!

It was fun being a model for a day, and having someone do my hair and make up and dress me!  I loved the fashion designer and make up artist...I learned a lot about make up and have been using those tips for the big wedding this weekend!!!

Thanks In Jersey magazine for making me feel like a model for a day!

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!! REALLY, REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO C


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