22 May 2012

A Litte Boy to Bless

My last week with a 2 year old...

Please break out the tissues...for the next few days I will be preparing for the big birthday weekend for the best boy who ever was!  Blogs will be short and sweet this week as my list is long.

We are visiting the Turtle Back Zoo this week with Daddy and friends, we are going rollerskating with friends, Big Ed's BBQ with friends, entertaining family on Bud's actual birthday (Sunday). We have special playdates planned and even a surprise visit this week from Great Grandma Corrine (my mom's mom).

And in the mean time I have to finish:
1. Goodie Bags
2. Wrap Presents
3. Print Photos
4. Finish Mark's 2 year old Book
5. Decide on Menu for Sunday
6. Get Haircuts for the world's cutest kids
7. Cry over my little boy growing up so fast
8. Buy thank you cards
9. Cry some more
10. And get all the hugs and kisses I can squeeze in before the big day
11. sob
12. Continue trying to potty train

Dear Lord, 
Thank you for the world's best boy and best girl.  Thank you for our friends and family who are making this week so special.  Thank you for all the rain at the beginning of this week so this weekend can be gorgeous for our time outside.  You are awesome, Jesus.  We love you!   Thank you for Marky being born.  We can't imagine our world without him...

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