08 August 2016

A Few Marriage Secrets

The Secret to Our Success

*Jesus-He is our foundation!

*The second best secret about us is that when things get tough we run to each other for support.  We talk things out.  We tell each other how we feel really feel and we try to be each one's biggest fan with whatever that person is mastering.

*Intimacy is a huge priority!  We still go out on dates, we make alone time a necessity.  No matter how busy John is or how tired I am after being with 4 kids all day, we are always trying to reconnect and enjoy each other.

*We seriously love each other's company.  I love to hear how John's day was at work and how his mind works and John is always trying to make me smile.  He is constantly surprising me and doing things to make me feel special.

*When we speak about each other it is always in a positive light/tone.  We don't go around bad-mouthing each other or putting each other down.  I love that verse in Proverbs 31 that talks about how  "her husband is known in the city gates,"  well he is known in the city gates because of how well she spoke about him, his wife cherished him and she probably let everyone know how awesome he was.  (I love that!)

*During our pre-marital counseling our Pastor told us how important it was to get away at least once a year (if you can) for a night or a few days just to reconnect and be alone and this has always been a huge priority for us!  Never stop dating your spouse!

Happy Anniversary to my hubby!

Thirteen years and it has really been amazing being married to you.

August 8, 2003 is still my favorite day!


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