21 March 2013

The "Sisterhood" Around Me

These past few weeks have been filled with waiting...

Waiting for Micah to get here.

We have backpacks by the door.  His new car seat by the door.  His diaper bag is packed and ready, my labor bag is packed and ready.

Snacks for the kids to bring to the hospital.  We have gifts for both Julia and Mark waiting in the trunk.  The camera is charged and waiting.  John bought the cigars for all the grandpas, and uncles and manly friends who will stop by the hospital.

And still we are waiting.

It's okay.  Patience is a virtue.  The best things come to those who wait, right?

Still waiting...

In the meantime I have had such a great amount of support from my friends and family that I have not been able to sulk or get discouraged at all.  I get texts reminding me that people are praying for me.  Posts on Facebook asking how I am feeling.

My best friend, Cinzia, invited me to come over and check out boy clothes she wants to share.  My other bestie, Christy B. brought over 3 freezer meals to use this week and next week.  My sister in law Laurie has taken my two big kids out for 4-5 hour trips at a time, feeding them, playing with them and buying them things.  My mother has taken the kids to the park, and given the baths so I can put my feet up and rest.  My neighbor Patty and her husband have taken my kids to Awana for the past few weeks just so I wouldn't have to drive.

And so many of my friends have just offered to be there and help no matter what.  My neighbors are all checking on me and calling to see if I need a meal, or any help.  I mean I cannot complain one bit.  God is showing me that we are loved.  He has put people all around us to love on us and care for us.  Even our pastor has texted John to check in on us and see how we are doing.

I am so thankful.  I have gotten such good advice from my mommy friends who have 3 or more kids and have been through what I am going through with keeping house and raising kids and being SO pregnant.  And I'm so appreciative.

He will be here soon enough.  Making his mark on the world, and causing us to fall madly in love with him.

Thank you to all my sisters, all our friends and family, your love and support means so much to us.


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