25 November 2014

The Perfect Holiday Card

The Things We Do For the Perfect Family Photo

1. Coordinate the outfits

This seems like an easy task.  I mean how hard can it be to coordinate or match your own children?  But then you find the perfect shirts and pray they are in the right size.  If you have a newborn you are praying the baby doesn't spit up or poop all over their clothes.  Thank goodness my boys like wearing the same clothes.  Let's be honest, Micah is 19 months and he could care less what he is wearing.  Mark on the other hand is 5 1/2 (don't forget to say 5 and a half)

2. Make sure everyone is groomed properly

Usually by the time you get in the car someone is a hot mess.  So I bring a comb, a brush and duck tape to keep hair in place.  (okay, not duck tape...hair spray works)

3. Choose a theme

I love fancy pics, but this year I went casual and I love how the kids looked.  It was fun to put that tutu on Amelia, especially since she can't talk and doesn't have an opinion yet.

4. Beg, plead, and bring chocolate

Smile at the camera.  Put your arm around your sister.  Lower your chin.  Yeah, right!  You try taking pictures of 4 kids! 4 kids!  You get what you get and you don't get upset.  I looked at Erin, our family photographer who I highly recommend, (Erin Nicastro Photography) and I said, just take a bunch of pics, don't worry if they aren't smiling.  The fact is kids are cute.  And any pic where they are all in it is a good pic.  Even if they are crying they are cute...well, sometimes.


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  1. Kristi- your kids are so beautiful! I'm wondering how you are surviving with 3 kiddos and a newborn these days! We just welcomed a new baby into the family too, and wow, two is quite the handful. =) Hope you are doing well. Hugs to you!


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