30 November 2014

Monthly Menu...December

My babies are so much bigger now!

Monthly Menu

FYI: On the weekends John and I cook together or we go out to eat so I usually don't plan the weekend meals because John likes to be a part of it.  Holidays we are with friends/family so the meal is usually at a special place.  There is always one day during the week that we have buffet style or left over night.  You will notice that carbs are low this month (I have a wedding in January!)  

Dec 1 Baked Chicken, Raw veggies and dip, salad
Dec 2 Taco Tuesday and black beans
Dec 3 Spaghetti and Meatballs
Dec 4 Buffet Night (left overs)
Dec 5 Tuna Melts/Tuna and Crackers & chips and salsa


Dec 8 Salmon and steamed veggies
Dec 9 Chicken & Rice
Dec 10 Chicken pot pie & salad
Dec 11 Buffet Night (left overs)
Dec 12 Steak & mashed potatoes w/asparagus


Dec 15 Three Bean Chili & corn bread
Dec 16 Baked Tilapia and raw veggies with dip
Dec 17 Shepherds Pie
Dec 18 Buffet Night (left overs)
Dec 19 Pizza Night & salad


Dec 22 Tortellini Salad
Dec 23 Whole Chicken in Crockpot with corn and salad
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Christmas
Dec 26 Buffet Night


Dec 29 Chicken Soup with Sweet Potatoes
Dec 30 Soup & Salad
Dec 31 New Year's Eve & Julia's Birthday


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