24 March 2015

Happy Birthday, Micah-boy! Two!!!

December- Erin's Studio

Happy Birthday, buddy!

So, it's your birthday.  This week it's all about you!
From the new clothes, to the balloons and cake we ordered, to the brand new toys we are wrapping up, we are going all out to make your day tomorrow extra special...but first let's take a look at how much you've grown since last year!

March 2014 - Erin's studio
Last year you looked so handsome during your one year photo shoot with Ms. Erin!  She said you were her most mobile 1 year old.

June- COTW
We had such a fun time at Camp of the Woods this summer!  You loved the sand and the lake, and going to the Sonju gym to play basketball and volleyball!  It was your second time there but this time you could walk, and run, and play in the water!

July-7 President's Beach
You loved our other trips to the beach and you loved your binky (ni-ni).  But for the past two weeks you have been Binky-free!  Mommy is so proud of you!

August-At the Car Wash

You got to enjoy being the baby for a few months before Miss Amelia was born and then you became a Cool Big Bro!

September-Erin's studio

You have been so good with Amelia...I love how you call her Baby Girl and kiss her gently (most of the time).  I like how you want to share with your toys with her (we won't mention the few times you threw toys into her crib).

October-Pumpkin Picking at Battleview Orchards
So with our new home and our new baby we had a wonderful Fall.  Your hair seemed to glow extra blonde, and you loved exploring the back yard and meeting new neighbors when we went trick or treating!  You were a very cute Super Man!

We noticed how much you look like your big brother and we see how much you look up to him and copy him.  You are most happy when Julia and Mark include you and you really want to be with them.

November -Thanksgiving Day at Uncle Tio and Aunt Debi's
We love you so much Micah.  Mommy and Daddy are so glad you were born.  You fill our day with so much joy and so much fun.  You make us laugh out loud and we can't help but hug you and pick you up when you say, "Up-a-high."  Which I will never ever correct you for saying, but it means "pick me up."  You are just the sweetest boy!  

December- Christmas Morning at home
This year at Christmas you really enjoyed visiting all the family and making everyone smile.  You loved eating all the yummy desserts at Uncle Michael's house.  You especially loved eating the strawberries!

December- Erin's studio
Sometimes being in a big family is rough.  Everyone has something to say.  Sometimes it's really loud.  And a lot of times you just don't understand why Amelia is crying!  One thing I have learned about you Micah is that you are very honest.  If you don't want someone to hug or kiss you or touch you, well, you let them know!  I think that is good!  In this family with so many people you have to be able to stick up for yourself!

Jan/Feb Sayre Woods Bible Church (Classical Conversations)
I love how you get ready to go to school each Wednesday when we go to Classical Conversations and you bring your own lunch box and back pack!  You are so grown up and talking so much like a big boy now!  I also have noticed how polite you are with your "please," and "thank-you."
March- On St. Patrick's Day at home

God has great things in store for you buddy!  He has an awesome plan for your life and I am so glad he let us be your parents!  

Sonju Complex at Camp of the Woods
You fit right into our crazy family...you complete us!

You have the best smile that melts our hearts!
You really are our pot of gold!  So glad you were born on March 25th, 2013 at 2:21 p.m.  I can't imagine a single moment without you!  Happy Birthday...


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