03 March 2015

Our Favorite Spring Outings

Terhune Orchards in Princeton

Bring on Spring!

Thank goodness warmer temps are on the horizon for us!  This weekend we spring ahead with our clocks and we are back in the upper 30's and mid 40s temperature wise.

This is the month when the sun comes out, the snow melts, and the wind comes, and blows away the frigid winter air.  My boys are going stir crazy.  Today Micah ran circles in my living room for at least 10 minutes just to get his pent up energy out. Thank goodness for indoor sports like martial arts and gymnastics class for us so that we can at least get some exercise these past few months.

But we are so anxious to go outside, feel the sun on our faces and see the color green again!  I am looking forward to smelling a freshly mowed lawn, and hearing the birds chirping in the morning.  I am tired of still seeing snow!  Spring will be here in less than 3 weeks!  Here is what we plan on doing!!!

(Within each place there is a highlighted link in yellow you can click on to visit the website!)


Liberty Science Center (great for rainy spring days) There is a new Body exhibit by Sesame Street for ages 2-8 (perfect for my tribe...I mean kids) this shows them what is under their skin, and inside their bodies!  My kids love LSC because of the exhibits, the zoo, and the 3-D movie theater (I always try to end our trip with a quick educational movie and they love to wear the 3-D glasses.)

Turtle Back Zoo

 Holmdel Park Longstreet Farm.  This is where my kids learned all about how to milk a cow, grow and shuck corn, sheer a sheep, get chased by a peacock (poor Mark is still traumatized, lol) and see the new piglets and baby chickens.  And after a trip to the farm we have a picnic and hang out by the playground up the hill.

Terhune Orchards

 Green Meadows Farm in Hazlet.  We went this past October and Julia and Mark and even Micah were in LOVE with the animals and personal tour guide.  The beauty of this farm is that every exhibit allows you to touch, pet, and actually hold the animals.  So, after lots of petting and chasing the the animals I used a ton of baby wipes and Purell to disinfect my kids hands!  But they experienced each animal which was really cool and there were a lot!  

Green Meadows Farm

 Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange.  Every May we go to this sweet little zoo in honor of Mark's birthday.  It has been our tradition since he turned 1.  This year we are planning to take a group of Kindergartener graduates with us from our homeschool group.  This zoo is wonderful because it is the perfect size for younger kids and Elementary age school kids.  It's not overwhelming and grandiose, it's just the right fit for little people.  I remember going to this zoo when I was a Kindergartner!  Peacocks roam, there is a reptile center, a train that you can ride, a huge playground and carousel, and a petting farm area, there are also pony rides.  You just can't miss this place at least once or twice a year, it's great in the spring and fall!

Terhune Orchards

 Terhune Orchards Princeton Read and Pick Program.  My kids love the read and pick program which starts up in May.  This farm is one of our favorites, it takes us about 45 minutes to get there, but it is totally worth it!  The staff is so helpful and nice and they encourage so much learning out of the little ones.  They let the kids ask a ton of questions about the farm, what they grow, how they grow, the animals there, etc.  It costs $7 per kid and first they gather all the kids and parents under a tent or in the barn to hear stories about whatever you are picking or learning about that day, then they discuss it and answer questions, then they allow the kids to pick their own fruit, flowers, or veggies and bring it home.  Plus you have to stop at the farm store for treats!  We've picked flowers and berries before, and in the fall of course we've picked pumpkins (in the pouring rain, but it was fun!).  They have tractors for the kids to ride, and animals to feed, and a shady area for picnics.  Plus, it's Princeton, so the area is really pretty, and there is a lot to do.

Liberty Science Center
Holmdel Park


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