27 May 2015

Goodbye, five...Hello, six!

My Red-haired boy.

Dear Mark,

I really liked you being five.  It was such a great year for you.  You grew taller.  The dentist said you are starting to get some loose teeth.  And you completed every single book I had you do for school time.

This was a year of change for you.  You moved out of Joyce street into a new home on Sherwood.  You gained a new Murphy bed and a new roommate.  (P.S. thanks for putting up with Micah's not so great sleeping habits.  Especially at 5 a.m. in the morning when he asks for Daniel Tiger.) And you became a big brother all over again and even though you wanted another super hero sibling, you and Amelia get along really well.

Mark you did so well in Classical Conversations this year.  We were really proud of you.  Not only did you handle being in an older class very well, but you did fabulous on all of your oral presentations!

Buddy, I love all of your silly faces and poses when I ask you to smile for the camera.  There is never a dull moment with you.  You are awesome, and so funny!

Happy Birthday Marky.  We love you!  Five was fun.  Six will be spectacular!


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