02 November 2016


Operation Christmas Child

Every November we do the same thing.  We pack christmas boxes for OCC.  This started when Julia was born and so it continues now with Amelia.  I learned about Samaritan's Purse through my MOPS group 8 years ago and ever since then it has been one of our Christmas highlights.  

We go to the toy store, dollar store, or a gift shop and each child is given a $10 budget.  Then they get to pick out things for the child they will be blessing that year.  This amazing ministry takes the shoe boxes we pack and the shipping cost we send and mails our gift boxes to children all over the world to children who need it the most.

Last year we found out online that our gifts ended up in Costa Rica.  It was so cool to find Costa Rica on the globe and show Julia, Mark, Micah and Amelia that children far away were blessed because of their generosity.

This is the time of year that kids are asked to write Christmas lists, and sit on Santa's lap and be good for Elf on the Shelf so that they can get more toys.  We are so blessed in this country and we already have so much stuff.  Every Fall I start to purge each child's room and closet with unused clothes and toys and donate.  I do not like all the clutter and all the stuff!  And kids don't like to clean up their rooms.  It is almost as if we are overflowing and overstimulated with STUFF.

What a beautiful gift to be able to give to someone who can never repay you or say thank you.  To be able to pray for kids we have never met and send them prizes is truly fun for us.  This is one tangible way I am trying to teach my kids to be generous!

Next week we are having an Operation Christmas Child packing party at Crossroads church.  All of the kids are off from school next week because of NJEA conferences and so all ages are welcome to pack boxes and bless children in third world countries.  We are meeting on Friday at 10:30 am.  Please message me if you are interested in getting involved!

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan


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