23 September 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Last night I was watching Jon and Kate and it was the episode where she visits Henry's farm (He's Amish) and the kids get to pick all fresh fruit and veggies. Everyone knows that Jon and Kate are big on organic foods. Well, that night she made Chicken Cacciatore. Basically it is chicken breasts (or you could use a whole chicken) with a ton of fresh veggies in the tomato sauce. Well, it looked so good!!! Even the 8 kids were complimenting Kate and eating up their food...sooooooo I had a great idea to try the dish myself.

I went online and got the recipe off of cooks.com, made my grocery list, which was short since Grandma Joan had just picked some peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant for us. (Egg plant Parmesan is tomorrow's dinner :) and Mark and I headed to the A&P.

During Julia's afternoon nap I held Mark while I gathered everything I needed on the counter and then I put him in his exersaucer. He sat really good because he is teething so he just kept gnawing on his hand, poor guy. Then I was able to cut up the onions, green peppers, tomatoes, celery and bread/season the chicken. Let me tell you it smelled soooooo good! God was so good to me because Julia slept til 4pm like usual and when Mark got fussy I put him on his back on the carpet downstairs and popped in BabyFaith DVD and he hung out til I was entirely done!

At 5pm Julia and I enjoyed our dinner (she ate all her chicken and the veggies...of course I had to add parmesan cheese). And John came home at 9 pm and couldn't wait to try it out! It is one of those meals you are proud of because it is healthy and delicious, and you want some for leftovers the next day! I added some fettuccine pasta with it but you could also have garlic bread or another type of pasta with it.

Thanks Jon and Kate for a great idea! Just another reason why I like being home. I have time to be creative with meals and share recipes with other moms!

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