08 September 2009

What did you just say mommy?

September 8, 2009

Rayna has inspired me to write some things I never thought I would say. I guess it is one of the joys of motherhood :) For those of you who don't know Paris is our puppy.

Julia please don't feed Paris Mark's binky.

Paris stop eating Julia's snack!

Yes, Julia that is Mark's eye, please don't poke it.

Julia please take the sneaker out of your mouth.

Julia do nice to Paris.

Paris go to your room! (our puppy sleeps in the laundry room)

Julia we don't eat dirt...or the shovel.

Julia take the sand out of your mouth.

Being a mom is hard work! Thank you Lord for my children, and my puppy!

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  1. How cute! Sometimes I hear my mom speaking when I am saying something to Addie. But motherhood is such a priviledge and brings so much joy. Have a great day.


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